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Valentia Notes Page 1

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Year 2625, late spring


In the village of Malconford, at around the time of the spring market faire, a hobbyt archaeologist and his two companions, and their nine or so followers, arrived and began to dig in the ruins of the old temple of Mikar. Soon word got out that they had found some valuable items - a couple of pieces of jewelry, perhaps, and more "diggers" - local farmers who hoped to strike it rich - appeared on the scene. Shortly after, the PCs - Andir the elf wizard, Drollian the elf bard, Kylith the human knight, and Poppyseed the hobbyt cleric of Safreth arrived. Andir's goal is simply to discover ancient secrets of magic, Drollian is hiding from some sort of trouble in his past, Kylith is on a mission for her Queen, and Poppyseed is writing a historical treatise on the temple and village. All four find the ruins and the excavation of interest, and are willing to join forces to explore them.


Poppy and Drollian meet at the Inn and chat. They meet Achim Wright, leader of the hobbyt archaeology team, and his two foremen. Together, they discuss the dig and its historical importance. Achim agrees that they can travel out to the site with him the next morning. At the same time Andir and Kylith meet. Kylith is exploring the area to determine the feelings of the people about the Barony of Reconforte being re-established. She talks to many villagers and gets contradictory responses. Some are comfortable as things are, while others feel threatened by the dangers in the nearby wild. Andir is intrigued by her and agrees to ride out the next day to the old Baronial Keep, and the site of an ancient battle between the Temple of Malveneray and the Troops of Valentia.


Session 2:

Poppy and Drollian have a lengthy conversation with Achim; he offers them a chance to join his dig, and explore many of the passages under the Temple ruins. He says that there are two directions that the passages go, and he agrees that if Poppy can form a dig team, she will have the right to explore that wing of the passages.


Poppy and Drollian agree, and head back towards the village to search for more folk who would form a good team to do the exploring. They meet Andir and Kylith at the battlefield; having met in passing before, they fall into conversation and almost at once agree to band together. Returning to the ruins, they discover Achim wants all documents and 25% of the value of all items they find in the ruins as his "share" of the take. Andir negotiates down to 10% with the help of his new companions. The adventurers also hire a pair of "louts" to carry their extra gear and lanterns. They're named Karl and Tor.


Soon, they plunge underground. The first chamber they enter is large, and has several pillars. One has a rope tied around the base, with a clearly cut end. The bard examines a door at the far end of the room, and falls into a hidden pit; he nearly dies on the vicious spikes that line the bottom of the pit. Poppy saves him as he lies unconscious, by using one of her healing spells. After hauling him up, Poppy stops to examine the stinking corpse in the bottom of the pit. It appears to be a digger, who has been dead for around a week. By using the door into the room to help jam it, they bypass the pit and Kylith bashes the door open. Beyond, a t intersection; one end is collapsed. Going left leads to an odd-shaped room with many pillars. Drollian finds a secret door in one wall, which leads to a long passage. While the PCs explore the passage, Karl and Tor wait at the rear. Unfortunately, this leaves Tor easy pickings for the cave fisher creature that grabs him and tries to drag him off. Karl grabs his friend, and Kylith charges to the rescue, severing the tongue with one blow. The fisher grabs at her with its pincers, doing sizeable damage. But two blows from her trusty sword finish it off. They search the hiding chamber of the fisher and find a stash of coins, a climbing kit, and a masterwork longbow from ages past. At this point, the group retreats.


Once outside, they confront Achim with his duplicity; he had assured them no one had been in the halls where they were exploring - but the digger came from his camp! He insists that the digger slipped past his guards, and that he did not know the man died in that room. It seems callous, but not impossible, and Poppy believes him, so they let it go at that.


Two days later, after healing up and paying their henchmen a bonus for their sturdy action in battle, they return to the dungeon. Going back down the secret passage, they soon find a large square chamber with massive pillars. In it, lying covered with the dust of a century, are three corpses. When Kylith and the others enter the chamber, the creatures rise up as zombies and attack. A brisk battle ensues, with Andir casting a grease spell, Kylith bashing them, and even Poppy wielding her spear to good effect. The two henchmen guard the rear and cheer everyone on.


Session 3:

After slaying the zombies, the PCs search the bodies and turn up a trio of semiprecious stones as treasure. Going down a hall to the west, the bard Drollian scouts ahead. He finds a room with a pool of water in the center, and hears rats behind the walls. To the east and west, halls lead off, and to the north are a pair of double doors. The party examines the pool, checks it for depth (5' deep, water is 3' deep, high lip is 10" around the pool. They decide the disgusting water is too nasty to touch, and instead investigate the eastern hallway. A short distance later, tehy enter a massive room with many pillars, but a partly collapsed ceiling. Rubble and cobwebs hide two giant centipedes. Drollian, scouting, is the first to be attacked, and he retreats briskly after getting a severe bite. Kylith and TOR, the second henchman, dash forward and, with help from Poppyseed, slay the creatures. A search of the room reveals nothing but a pair of doors at the back. They decide to retreat and examine the double doors in the pool room. Smashing those locked doors open reveals a large square chamber half-filled with a reservoir of water. Coming up out of it are three troglodytes; a short combat ensues, with two of the javelin-wielding fish-men retreating when their companion falls to Kylith's weapon. He had a pouch of coins (80 sp). The back wall of the reservoir is cracked and fissured; they briefly debate using the bard's Ukelele as bait, but decide that entering the water is too foolish even for them. They retreat, return to the centipede room, and investigate those doors.


They discover they are warped and unlocked, easy to throw open. They reveal yet another large pillared hall, this time filled with mold from the damp seeping in from the reservoir nearby. Thousands of crickets feed on the mold/algae. And spiderwebs fill the rear half of the room. Drollian throws a lit oil flask into the room and burns off the spider-webs. One huge spider comes charging from the flaming webs at the PCs, but Drollian, with an expertly fired arrow, slays it before it can reach them. In the remains of the webbing, they find an ancient corpse, and in a moldering pouch, discover a small potion bottle. Unable to identify it, they stash it away for later testing. Poppy puts it in her backpack.


Passing out of the pool room, they go down another western hall, and find a door. Drollian, again acting as scout, finds human foot prints (2-3 people) and other brush-marks in the dust. The door is unlocked. Flinging it open reveals a long, comparatively narrow room. At the far end stands a leather-clad rat-man, clutching a crossbow. He reacts defensively, raising his weapon. Drollian begins to play a song of fascination, and the rat-man becomes entranced. Poppy slips into the room and begins examining the walls, which contain litanies and frescoes of priestly rituals to Mikar. She's fascinated by them! But before she can do more than start her examination, a second rat-man emerges from a door at the endof the room, and breaks off the enchantment when he shakes his companion. Kylith charges across the room at them, and Drollian launches an arrow, only to discover that these are lycanthropic creatures; they need silver weapons to harm them! Poppyseed raises her holy symbol and orders them to retreat from the power of Safreth - her turn lycanthropes ability succeeds, and she is able to force them to retreat to the back room. Kylith rapidly retreats, and they slam the door. Now out of healing spells, they decide it is time to leave the dungeon. They spend a night in camp, and Achim quizzes Poppyseed on all their adventures. She tells him about the troglodytes and were-rats; he warns her that such creatures are very bad to fight - she in turn tells him she's coating her sling bullets in silver, and offers to let him make some as well. He agrees.


After resting for the night, and eating a good breakfast, they return to the dungeon for another round of exploration. Going down another unexplored hall to the west, they find a large "throne room" of sorts, which was apparently seriously damaged in the battle long ago. Here, six dire rats are hiding, and a combat ensues. Andir uses color spray to disable one, and Tor kills one with a javelin. Kylith and Tor battle one, while Drollian and Poppy handle two more, with assistance from Karl's javelins. Drollian is bitten, but saves vs filth fever.


Session 4: after battling the rats, the PCs examine their map and decide the only route they have deeper into the dungeon requires going back to the wererat room. They decide that first, they need some silvered weapons. They walk back to town, do some treasure-splitting (everyone has earned 88 silvers) and buy some new weapons. Even Tor and Karl get silvered javelins and light shields; Poppy silvers her spear and her sling bullets; Drollian and Andir split 50 silver arrows, and Kylith silvers her longsword. While in town, they learn that several sinkholes have opened up into the salt mines; after a little investigating, they decide this is not likely anything exciting, and they decide to ignore it for now. They head back to the mines. Their trip is without incident, but after stopping to eat lunch (at Poppyseed's insistence), they hear some shouting going on off in the distance. Everyone but Andir goes to investigate, and the PCs discover a group of diggers have nabbed a defenseless wizard named Davros and are threatening to hang him for being in league with an imp. The PCs question everyone and eventually decide he's harmless, and hire him as a henchman. Andir teaches him Magic Missile, in return for Comprehend Languages, and offers him 2 silvers a day wages for being another lanternbearer. He agrees, though reluctantly.


Returning to the dungeon, the PCs sneak down to the wererat rooms, and investigate. They find obviously searched chambers, but no wererats. Pressing on, Drollian nearly gets caught by a rockfall, and then by a set of nasty scything blades. The room they were guarding had once been a treasury of sorts, but there was nothing left. Gleaming metal turns out to be nothing more than metal shelving, but a small locked box turns up during a search; so does a secret door. They smashed the box open, and it releases a cloud of dust, which magically becomes a sort of skeletal construct. It nearly smashes Kylith, but falls fairly rapidly. In the dust, they find two large sapphires, worth as much as a thousand silvers total.


Through the secret door they find another cavernous room; at first it seems to contain nothing but the ancient bones of slain priests, but as the party hurries through, a black, ghostly shape rises out of the wall and drains Tor of strength. He nearly dies, but the rest of the group is able to fight it off while Kylith bashes open a door on the far end of the room. Davros was hit, and fell, at the end. Karl carried him to safety. Unfortunately, safety was a room with three wererat diggers in it. Battle was immediately engaged; fortunately, the wight did not pass out of his chamber into the wererat room. The wererats were a tough battle, but with the help of Karl and Tor, and after Poppy healed Davros, they were able to kill them all. A fourth rat stuck his head in, saw the other three die, and fled. Unable to retreat because of the Wight, the PCs are forced to hole up here in the were-rat room, hoping against hope to pass a safe night and recover before being confronted with more rats.


Session 4 and 5

After several hours of rest, the PCs had their night's sleep interrupted by two things: the were-rats began pounding on the door to the west, and at the southern door, Poppyseed heard Achim calling for her. He urged her to open the door and allow him to aid her and her friends to escape the dungeon. They accepted his aid, which he said he knew she needed because "he keeps an eye on her"!


He led them out of the dungeon, and warned her that it might be getting too dangerous for them to continue their explorations. Andir and Drollian were suspicious of Achim's motives and actions, but could not prove he had any nefarious purpose. Nevertheless, they did agree that the dungeon was too dangerous and not profitable enough to lure them back. Instead, they decided to go back to Reconforte Ford and rest for a few days. When they got there, they discovered that a pair of children had gone missing; eventually they were traced back to the salt mines under town; the jermlaine there had them prisoner! Several forays into the mines resulted in an eventual deal with the jermlaine; they'd give them so much milk and eggs over a period of time, if the children were returned safely. The villagers were very grateful to the party, and are very impressed with their skills.


Later, the PCs decided to investigate the White Tomb - this strange marble structure stands out as extremely odd in the farmlands north of Reconford. After hiking out there, the PCs examined it; they decided there must be a fire trap on the doors, and partly disabled it; they were able to enter without taking harm, but it did go off behind them. Inside, a large room with pillars held an enormous statue. They were approaching it when a trio of skeletons lurched from hiding behind the pillars. A bitter fight ensued, in which Tor was nearly slain, and everyone except Drollian was injured. Once they were smashed, Karl and Tor were rewarded with new chainmail armor and longswords.


The enormous statue was of a warrior named Belazamon, who was a heroic leader some 600 years ago. Somewhere nearby was his family's Castle, which he ruled in the name of the Emperor. The statue has a missing amulet. A stone circle in the ceiling above the statue is apparently some sort of passage into another room in the tomb. A shattered skeleton of a previous adventurer lay ont he ground at the statue's feet. It turned out that a locket identified him as Torwin, brother to the Sheriff of Reconford, who disappeared 15 years ago. He was then engaged to Mavis Morwin (now Herther). They were very grateful to be told what happened to the missing man. He had sworn he was going off to find a fortune so he could marry Mavis.


The PCs investigated what Torwin knew about Belazamon, eventually finding a map that took them on a trip into the woods to locate the castle, where they hope to find out what his amulet looked like, or perhaps to find the amulet itself. A merry chase through the woods, involving a grig, a possible witch, and a lovely maiden ended with the bard, separated from the rest of the PCs, standing before a dungeon entrance.

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