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Malconford (redirected from Cold Comfort Ford)

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This large village boasts about 500 permanent residents. It is located on the north-eastern edge of the Kingdom of Valentia, in the Barony of Reconfort. Until recently 2625 there was no Baron, but since that time the Barony has been re-established and all seems to be going well. The Baron is Lady Kylith, once a free knight of the  realm, and now the appointed Baroness of Reconfort, and the Queen's Mistress of Horse. She is unwed, and her heir has not yet been declared.


Malconforte Ford (the old name, now commonly Malconford) is a small market for the surrounding villages and farms. On market days, six times a year, the town swells in population to over 1000; the early summer and late fall markets can bring twice that number. Traveling peddlers and small merchants also come frequently to Malconford, so it is not quite as isolated as its location may seem to indicate. Located on one of the longer tributaries of the Fiaraven River, low hills surround the wide, fertile valley where the village is located. Many of the surrounding villages lie in the valley, or along the river in other, similar valleys nearby. A wide stream named Mosswater runs just north of the village, and enters the Muskrat River. The village sits on a low bluff above the river, with just the narrow river docks at the water, and a steep trail cut up to the village proper. Mossbridge crosses the stream just outside the village, and the Muskrat river is fordable in summer months a bit further north-east.

(Note: this is an unfinished map of the village of Reconforte Ford; there should be farms all around; there are also a fair number of homes and shops outside the walls, mainly spreading down the roads. The Mill is also located outside the walls.) The Baroness has begun funding the construction of a Keep on the north side of town, which is the highest point in the area; it has only just begun construction in 2526, but has brought an influx of newcomers to the town- stoneworkers, masons, a master architect and an engineering crew; many of these are dwarves, some from as far away as Koruzd.


The village is walled on the sides away from the river and creek, but it is an old wall, and not terribly defensible. Again, in the last year this wall has been shored up, and there are plans to completely rebuild it, perhaps with a substantial gatehouse. About 2/3 of the village is within the walls, not including the village fair grounds and Temple to Diorel, the mill, nor the graveyard, but including the Temple to Sithlar and the village Inn, and the market square proper. Outside the village, on a low rise nearby is the baronial keep, which was never finished after the Baron died only ten years into his entitlement. It is known as Mont Reconfort; this is where the Baroness is rebuilding her own Keep, using the foundations that remain from the old Keep. Under much of the town is one of the prime reasons for its existence in its exact location: an old salt mine. This mine, from which salt was hand-mined in the days of the 2nd empire, has long been out of production, except by a few hardy scavengers, who slip in and out of the dangerously collapsed main entrance on the south-west side of the village. The mine is a source of potential wealth for the village, if it could be restored to working condition, but right now it is merely a source of occasional sink-holes and a hazard to local children. This will be the Baroness' next major project; she knows personally how dangerous the old salt-mine is, and she keeps a guard stationed there at all times to prevent injuries to exploring children (and other less innocent folk).



Shops and NPCs of Malconford:

Eilenys Ironhouse - dwarf smith - lawful, complaining, independent. Fears return of cult. Dislikes excavation, uncertain why -- uneasy. She would prefer the barony remain defunct, and wants independence.  (Note: Eilenys self-identifies as a woman, but has the same traits as other dwarves). Eilenys is very unhappy that there is a new Baroness, but uneasily realizes that her presence is what saved the town from the cult, so she keeps her opinions mostly to herself.


The ringing sound of steel on steel comes from this large stone building. The open porch reveals a large forge, several anvils, and stacks of raw iron and other metals. An aged yet sturdy dwarf works the fires and raps iron into shape at one of the anvils.


Taciturn, she says little but always delivers a quality product. Most of her work is horse shoes, wagon wheels, farm tools, and other implements of the farm trade, but she is capable of mending weapons and armor, as well as making mundane adventuring tools, weapons, and armor – given sufficient lead time and at 150% of rulebook costs. She keeps no armor or weapons in stock – there just isn’t need.


On the side, Eilenys brews a fine dwarven ale whose recipe is a secret of the Ironhouse clan. She won’t sell the brew, but will break it out for special customers or special occasions. A keg of this ale would fetch a fine price (50 sp) in a larger town if Eilenys could be persuaded to part with one (Diplomacy DC 15, or accomplishing a great favor for Eilenys or her clan). Many of the new dwarves in town are Ironhouse Clan members, and Eilenys is a respected clan-member. 


Zan Hawklight- human innkeeper (Cold Comfort Inn) - Zan is new to ownership of the Inn, as the previous owner fled when the cult was defeated. Her inn has 6 rooms for rent, and space on the common room floor for up to 20. Prices are a bit high, as the influx of masons and stoneworkers have filled many of her rooms. She's very fond of the new Baroness, and is happy to see the town and barony flourish.


     Zan - housekeeper (female human expert 4). Houseproud and careful. Cheerful.
    Pol and Hinda (male and female human commoner 3) - cook and kitchen helper - married couple, live off premises in Malconford. Cheerful, very sad at any death. Good people. Love their work. Prefer Zan to Ianven.
    Invis and Marion (human female commoner 1) - wait staff and chambermaids - Invis is a good seamstress and repairs linens. Prim and businesslike. Marion likes to flirt and is more outgoing, romantic. They are a couple.
    Arenth - (male human commoner 1) - stablehand and laborer - a bit of a layabout, convinced he’ll be rich someday, but lazy. Steals from guests now and then, but only minor things. Essentially a coward. Has a couple of children with various women around town, but does nothing for them.
    Lors (male human commoner 2) - does cleaning and maintenance - skilled woodworker; quiet, very tall. Shy and honest, a craftsman.


Oloice Drovirsdottir - older human female cleric - retired adventurer, paranoid but good.  Likes hobbyts. She was happy to have the Barony re-established, but fears the "influx" of Python followers. Oloice and her temple are old-fashioned in following Diorel and Sithlar. She mostly lives and works in the temple to Sithlar near the river, only using the small chapel near the graveyard, which is dedicated to Diorel, when there is a funeral or holy day.

Richomer Shortcloak - hobbyt merchant - talkative and friendly. Wants to reduce laws; chaotic but good; wants to increase trade/profit for town.He's a relative newcomer, having arrived shortly before the barony's re-establishment.  His prices are rising with the influx of workers, and common goods have become a bit pricey. 


This large, finely appointed two-storey wooden structure is obviously owned by a family of means. The large sign out front reads: "Shortcloak Provisions".


Theodric Shieldheart - human male Reeve - bluff and hearty; lawful and good; wants town to grow. No problem with the recent building trend, but worries about some of the rougher workers. 4 constables, can call up 20 militia in a pinch - may take up to 12 hours. He was here before the barony was re-established, and the Baroness re-appointed him Reeve. Theodric had a brother named Talwin who disappeared 15 years ago as a young man; nobody knows what happened to him after he left the village saying he was off to seek his fortune as an adventurer. The Reeve and the Mayor work together to defend and manage the town; he is in charge of tax collection within the barony as well as the militia which serves both the town and surrounding villages. He represents the Baroness to the population when she is not present.

Jocosta Outrunner - older human female miller and village Mayor- wants to protect town; wants to move the mill nearer to the far end of valley/hills. She is ambivalent about the Barony's re-establishment; increased taxes mean a more protected community, but loss of some freedoms. Note: the mayor is elected every 10 years - Jocosta is 6 years into her third term as mayor. She serves the village itself and represents it to the Barony in any official way. 


The mill itself is a large structure whose entire first floor is given over to the water wheel and grinding machinery needed to provide the mill’s primary functions. The second floor serves as a home for the miller’s family, and the third serves as storage. The rear building stores grain, supplies, and stores horses and wagons, as well as the various tools needed to keep the mill functioning. Jocosta has three grown sons (2 married) and several young grandchildren who work at the mill or play nearby.


Constans Herther is a local farmer (see the village of Herther), possibly the most prosperous in Reconforte. His grandfather was the mayor before Jocosta won her first election some 26 years ago. Constans would also like to be mayor someday, but he's only in his 30's, so he is willing to wait. He's married, with 2 young children, and has 2 younger brothers with prosperous farms as well. Constans owns the best bull ox in the whole valley. He also possesses his grandfather's library, a collection of a dozen or so books, including the histories of the town and the region that his grandfather wrote. Old Constans died about 15 years ago, but his memories live on in his writings; Young Constans is willing to let others study these records for a small fee, or for the sharing of some other knowledge to add to the collection. While he himself isn't particularly scholarly, his wife Mavis and their younger son Franz (age 6) are both studious and enjoy reading. Mavis Herther (nee Marwin) was once the sweetheart of Talwin Shieldheart, who vanished 15 years ago.


Nearby farmers include Hight Marwin (human male), Terence Bucca (hobbyt male), Gunter Ubel (human male),  and Abel Outrunner (Jocosta's younger brother) and their large families.


Random Encounters around Malconford and the route to the Ruins

In Malconford, Day                      Night

2     lost child or drunk                   minor monster table

3     constables at work                  cockroach or rat swarm

4     cockroach or rat swarm          feral dogs

5     angry dog                               drunken diggers from camp

6     farmer*                                   crime**

7     craftsman*                              farmer or craftsman*

8     hunter/woodsman*                 constables at work

9     animal (farm or wild)               hunter/woodsman*

10   crime**                                    halfling wererats hunting

11   Name NPC*                              mites or bats from saltmine

12   minor monster table                minor monster table


* use tables on p 148-9 Ultimate Toolbox to determine actions and motives

** usually a fistfight, a pickpocket, or snatch-grab robbery involving the newcomers and a townie


Minor Monster Table

1 kobolds

2 mites

3 feral dogs

4 dire rats

5 stirges

6 muggers




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