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Campaign Notes


Brindenford is a town with a population of about 1,100. It is 40% human, 25% half-elven, 20% hobytlan, 10% elven, and 5% mixed other (dwarves, half-orcs, marchat, etc...)


The town is formed of two types of buildings; those on the ground, and those in the trees above. Brindenford is located deep in the forest, and because it was originally founded by a small group  of farmers and townsfolk who had escaped the ravages of war at the hands of Emperor Herudiband and others who attempted to claim the region, the folk learned to hide quite well. Many buildings are still built in the massive oak trees that grow in the region, nestled 40-60' off the ground on large wooden platforms built on their limbs or strung out between trees. Most buildings too, are two or three stories, and have bridges that access the tree-ways, as they are called.


The largest of the inns in Brindenford is a three story structure with an actual tree-level addition above it. This is the Bridgeman Inn. The second Inn is the Lost Shepherd, on the south side of town. It has only a few rooms, and caters mainly to adventurers and those who live on that side of town. There is a third "inn" in Brindenford, called the Duck, but it is small (has only 3 rooms) and dirty. Typically rivermen coming over from Tallowstown stay here, or perhaps loggers. It is run by "Ma" Harmony, an old half-elf woman with a drinking problem.


Temples in town include the temple of All Gods , a temple to Elanora, a temple to Safreth, and lastly one to Kehret (and Saint Belestros). Outside town is a ruined chapel to Glarias, but no one worships there now.


Much information on Brindenford can be found here (for Dungeon-a-day subscribers only).


Locales in Brindenford:

1. Market Square - the market square opens each day an hour after sunrise. Local craftsmen and farmers come here to spread their goods out on the ground or on low tables, or to sell out of the rear of their wagons. By early afternoon, the market for the day is done and most are gone. Most of the merchandise is of no interest to adventurers, being foodstuffs, farm tools, and simple household goods. However, once in a while a trinket seller, an herbalist or alchemist might pass through and offer something of interest. Other features in the market square include the town pillory (where pickpockets and other criminals are punished), the messageboard, and the public speaker's stand. The message board is outside the Bridgeman Inn, and posting there is supposed to require the Innkeeper's approval. Angering the Innkeeper is a good way to ensure that your messages are never posted, or do not remain posted for long. Common messages include lost and found, job postings (available and wanted), and items for sale or trade.


2. Temple of All Gods* - where all the Gods of Miraboria are worshipped as one pantheon.

3. The Bridgeman Inn* - The "nice" Inn in town

4. Temple of Elanora* - gives charity to the poor and needy of the town

5. Temple of Kehret* - the god of war and strength has a distinctly masculine air here..

6. Gathering Hall* - where many meetings of importance to the town occur. Also the Jail.

7. Temple to Safreth* - rangers and followers of the forest worship here

8. The Lost Shepherd Inn* - a bit run down, but one of the older locales in town.

9. Hiring Hall - anyone looking for a job or an employee would do well to start here. Hiring fairs are also run here quarterly.

10. The Duck Inn - another small, rundown "inn" that barely merits the name.

11. Fascher's Supply - adventurers supplies, cheap and handy.

12. Felstor's Home - an elven scholar in a town this small?

13. Aesa's Smithy - she's a fine weaponsmith, armorer and ordinary blacksmith, but she's also an exotic beauty.

14. The Mill

15. Logger's Landing

16. Queen's Craft

17. Gardock's House

18. The Waterstone

19. Lawford's Dairy

20. Ruined Chapel of Glarias

21. Piven Golastar

22. Old Watchtower

23. East Road Tannery

24. Mayor's House

25. Temple to Mikol*

26. The Graveyard

27. Hermit's Cottage - a small residence, rather shabby, recently inhabited by an old man of obscure origin and unpleasant personal habits. Now owned by Maximus, left to him by his brother Cord (who was the old man, in disguise).

28. Green Waves Brewery* - a family owned brewery, one of the first businesses established in Brindenford.

29. Porden Family Gardens - vegetable gardeners, loggers, and general laborers around town, they're related to many other townsfolk, but tend to remain insular. Their gardens are well-tended and grow superior produce.

30. The Criers - this family has the traditional monopoly on "crying" news and announcements around town. Hiring one of them for a day's efforts costs 1 sp, but hiring 3 or more reduces the rate a good bit (2 sp for 3, etc..).

31. Caelinien Deadeye - the home and shop of a fine elven bowyer-fletcher. Caelinien has one eye that is ruined, and a badly scarred face. Everyone in town knows he was blinded by a huge rufous owlbear called "the Summer Duke". To this day, he trades his bows and arrows to the Sheriff in return for Erro's help hunting down the beast and trapping it.

32. Coopers - the barrel making shop is owned by Cooper Wren Aerie. The Aerie family are known to be fine woodworkers, and Cooper (as she is commonly called) has been making superior barrels for the past 20 years.

33. Wainwright - this shop makes wagons, and is owned by Kestrel Aerie, the patriarch of the Aerie clan. The wagons they make are mostly for farmers - built for heavy hauling and haying, not for caravan use.

34. Laundry - Murten Hoff - known as the best launderer in town, his place reeks of soap and bleach; he is not taking on new clients, as he already serves most of the important folk in town.

35. Delivery Service - run by Pahc, one of the few half-orcs in town. She owns a small hand-cart and carries deliveries mostly from the docks up into town. She's a hard worker who has overcome most of the distrust of her kind, and is respected by the townsfolk in general.

36. Junk Shop - also known as "Badger's Lair". Badger is a late-middle-aged and very rundown hobbyt. He buys and sells junk, trash, scraps, old clothes, etc... He collects this material in his "store", and folks often come to scrounge through it and offers him a few centimes for whatever they want. It is well-known around town that Sirus Craddock set Badger up in business a few years ago, and sometimes funnels money into his store, but nobody can understand the odd friendship that appears to exist between the bumlike Badger and Sirus, the powerhungry merchant lord.

37. Azure Tandin's Brass Lamp - this shop does not yet exist.

38. Mayor's House

39. Sirus Craddock's House.


* see me for detailed info on these locales

Other features and NPCs:

A Shalani Caravan that visits Brindenford every spring and fall

Sirus Craddock

Burr-Buggle and his buddies


Ofer Genga - "the old man" (known by a whole lot of variant names according to whoever speaks of him), this slightly cracked old man wanders between Brindenford and other towns in Tallowsland, buying and selling small trinkets, magic items, potions, scrolls and such. Where he acquires most of his goods is uncertain, but he does sometimes buy from adventurers. He always has between 2-10 potions, 2-5 scrolls, and 1-3 other items, rarely anything worth more than 1,000 sp in value, or more than 10 lbs in weight. He carries his gear and goods on mule-back. His companion is the ever-stubborn and hat-eating Bicwiden the Mule. How these two manage to wander the sometimes-dangerous roads between villages, nobody is quite certain, but he shows up in Brindenford at least twice a year.


Jasper's Farm - this small farm property is located on the northeast side of Brindenford, about a mile outside of the village. It is nestled in a large clearing in the forest, with five or six other nearby farms, who work their property semi-communally. Jasper's father was seemingly feared and disliked by his fellow farmers, and Jasper has found it hard to continue working with them, as he is held in the same dislike. Since paying his grange fees and hiring tenants to work the land, the situation has begun to improve, but the rifts are still not fully healed. Jasper owns enough land to keep two men and their sons, and a couple of laborers, fully engaged on the property, and their wives keeping the farmhouse up and running. Jasper is free to reside on the property if he wishes, but his daily presence is not needed. One of the tenant couples lives in the farmhouse, but the hobbyt couple (and six children) prefer to live in their own home - a tree-house a few hundred yards into the edge of the nearby woods. Since Jasper's untimely death, the property has been inherited by a distant cousin from Tallaston.


Elrohir's Manor - owned by Elrohir, but used as a shared residence by Elrohir, Valkrist and her mentor. This property is in poor condition but can be repaired if enough money is invested in it. Right now, three months have passed since the PCs last went adventuring, and about half the work has been done. The manor is located on the south/southwest side of town, about halfway between Dragon's Delve and Brindenford, but somewhat to the west. Since taking over a large tower to the south-west of town, this property  has been leased out to a local farmer of some standing in the community. He is lease-purchasing the property, and has undertaken to finish the construction work.

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