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Skills for my campaign setting follow the normal 3.5 rules except in a few limited ways. I have modified the Read/Write skill slightly, and the Speak Languages skill a moderate amount. These are the skills as I have rewritten them:


READ AND WRITE: (INT; trained only)

PCs whose classes require them to read and write by the nature of the class (wizards and clerics but not sorcerers) know automatically how to read and write. It is considered a class ability. Other characters must buy the skill. You need not ever spend more than one point on the skill. You know how to read and write every language that you speak. Extra skill points give bonuses to comprehending written material in languages that are related to your own (for example, Miranish and ‘Valer are related; being able to read and write at skill rank 4 in ‘Valer would give a bonus of +3 to the DC to read a document written in Miranish).



Speak language works differently from most skills.




Points              Effect


0               Can't understand it. Shout slowly in a language you know and point.

1               Short, simple phrases. "High school french." Always roll to understand.

2               Accented speech. Roll for complex topics or to hide accent.

3               Unaccented speech. Native speaker level. Roll for obscure topics.

4               Academic/poetic speech. Someone who studies the language. Only roll for extremely obscure topics.

5               Skilled linguist/highly educated native speaker. Only roll when attempting to comprehend related languages.


Your free starting languages are at 3 for the primary language and 2 for any others (see starting languages listed for each race). You may increase these with skill points. The PC may always choose what his primary language is. Ex: an elf raised in Greenvale will know Elven and ‘Valer. He may choose either as his primary language, depending on his character background.


Bards, who are language mongers, get a free skill point in languages every level.


Player characters  who spend extended amounts of game time (12 weeks - Int bonus) in an area where they are forced to use a foreign language gain free language ranks. Free language ranks are gained at 1 skill point per 12 weeks - Int bonus, to a maximum of 3 ranks per year. (Also see the feat Good with Languages.)

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