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Page 2 Drakkenheim notes

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Upon their return to Emberwood Village, the PCs were at a bit of a loose end. They sold off some of the loot they had acquired from the haunted Manor, and leveled up to Lvl 3. They began asking around the village about other good sites to go exploring, and got three leads: first, they confirmed that Reed Manor is a place where they could buy cheap potions, but nobody knows  much about who lives there. Secondly, Blackjack Mel lets them know that he would put them at the top of his list of favored customers if they go investigate the Black Ivory Inn; he tells them about his Uncle Mike running some sort of smuggling operation from there "into the city" but not knowing much else. He wants word as to whether the tunnel is still intact and usable. Finally, just as they were debating whether to go up that far north, they hear a juicy new rumor - the Chapel of St Brenna is reputed to be the final burial place of the Scepter of St Vitruvio. Vitruvio is a patron of the City, and his Staff, among other regalia, is reputed to have considerable value. Apparently a group of adventurers found documents hinting that the Scepter was hidden in St Brenna's chapel (St Brenna was a healer who worked among Drakkenheim'[s poor a hundred years or so before the Meteor). They sold the documents and/or info from them to at least 3 of the factions, who are now hot after the Scepter. Immediately, sensing the potential profit, the PCs decide to head that way. 


Ifors, Gnaea and Briar, accompanied by Aigle, leave early the next morning, and reach the Chapel without incident. They see it is badly damaged, but still standing. A group of horses tied to a tree in the back alert the PCs that someone else is already here. Briar checks on the horses, while Ifors goes to the nearby door into the rear of the chapel. Gnaea inspects a sundial nearby, but finds nothing significant. Ifors hears voices from the partly open door, and alerts the others. They mention "the undercroft" and "get the gear". One person addresses another as "Ser Landry", in a deferential way. Ifors signals Briar, who attempts to spook the horses, but fails. Ifors pushes the door open, and is confronted with a Knight of the Silver Order and his three men-at-arms. A minor argument seems to be brewing, but Gnaea speaks up, claiming to be a scholar doing research on St Vitruvio; she asks if they've found any documents about him. Ser Landry is mollified, and eventually allows the PCs to tag along with his group, but warns them that they need to "keep their hands to themselves". Ifors truculently agrees. They enter the chapel, look at all the statues and mosaics that remain, and then descend to the Undercroft, down a spiral stair from the remaining tower. Once below, in the undercroft, the Knight and his men advance rapidly, apparently intending to do a quick sweep of the chamber (which still has magically lit candles, and a lot of seeping rainwater at one end) before tackling one of the two doors. Before they can do much, they're assaulted by the four elementals (two air, two earth) who dwell here. The following fight is pretty brutal, with Ser Landry and his men taking the brunt of it, while everyone else stands back and misses a lot with ranged attacks. Eventually, however, the elementals are slain, and Ser Landry uses his lay-on-hands ability to heal his most-wounded follower. He and Briar wash and bind the wounds of the others. Landry is quite injured himself, but seems to have no ability left to heal himself, and nobody offers him any aid. 


Ser Landry quickly decides to continue on, approaching the southwest door and forcing it open; it falls off its hinges as he does so. A short hallway leads to a round room with two exits (one stair leading down, a passage going north and turning). In the center of the room is a mechanism that Gnaea recognizes as a winch. She and Ser Landry deduce that it opens something in the lower chambers. Landry allows little discussion, and plunges down the stairs. The PCs again bring up the rear, and soon find themselves in a large cave with a stone pillar in the center, and five biers around the outside walls. They hold priests or knights of the Silver Flame, all surrounded by black candles, still lit. They appear undisturbed with citrines on their eye sockets, and clutching gold or silver holy symbols in their hands. Ifors decides that at some point these will NEED to be looted. There's a discussion about how to safely sell such things, and they decide Blackjack Mel would be a good resource/fence. 


Ser Landry moves towards the other exit - a long stone hall that ends in a door with no handle. Carved on the lintel is a prayer for St. Brenna, and he exults - this is the Saint's resting place! Ifors makes an attempt to listen at the door, and hears nothing, while two of Ser Landry's men go back upstairs to activate the winch; it is almost directly over the door, so it should lift it. And so it does. As it rises, Ifors preps an iron spike, which he jams in the doorframe to provide assurance it will not fall shut. Inside, a large stone cave holds a single bier, laid out on it is the mummified body of St Branna herself. A great deal of water from above has leaked down here, and soaked both her body and the candles that once lit this chamber. As Ser Landry and his man enter the chamber, St Brenna rises to a sitting position. Ser Landry is stunned, and immediately tries to turn her, but fails. The PCs begin firing arrows, and Briar casts her flame spell, but even as she hits, it does little to the waterlogged mummy. A horrific fight ensues; Ser Landry, already wounded, goes down from the first strike of the mummy, and his man panics. Ifors attacks with his longsword, but quickly finds that he can barely penetrate the wraappings. He calls for a retreat after taking two hard blows himself. The man-at-arms drags Ser Landry clear, and everyone retreats through the doorway. The other two men at arms rush down the stairs and rush to the front to defend their fallen Knight. Ifors knocks the spike out of the doorframe, and the door crashes down, even as one of the two men falls at St. Brenna's feet. The second is trapped and doomed. Everyone agrees that the mummy is too strong for their small group, and retreats. The man at arms, badly injured, begs them to help him get Ser Landry (unconscious after Briar binds his wounds successfully) to his horse so they can get to safety. The PCs agree.


We stopped with the PCs watching Ser Landry's man at arms leave with his unconscious master and the four horses.

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