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The town of Greenlake Tower (aka Laketower):

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Population 1,011 

The town of Greenlake Tower (aka Laketower) is the capitol of GreenLake Barony, and the Baron's home is just outside the town. It is unwalled, but fairly compact, with a set of docks on the lake, a road to the east that soon turns south, and connects to Chetwold, the nearest village. A secondary road leading south-west out of the village runs through a few farms and then loops back to the main road. Dmitri's tower is located on this loop. 


Laketower is managed by Dmitri himself, his Seneschal, and his Reeve. The Seneschal (Sir Torrence) is in charge of the dwarven soldiers, tends to the tower itself, and deals with any and all criminal issues that crop up, if Dmitri chooses not to deal with them personally. The Reeve, Master John de Bolbec, is in charge of collecting rents and crop shares, managing the Baron's personal farm, and dealing with any and all property issues that do not involve a criminal act. 



Important People: 

Baron Dmitri of Greenlake: 98 yr old half-elf male wizard (L8). He has long blond hair and blue eyes, with a fair complexion, clean-shaven. He is of average height (5'7") and is slightly plump. He wears sturdy but very high quality clothes in shades of green and grey, with several silver rings and a heavy gold chain with his device as a pendant. He worships Talaia, but is not at all devout. Dmitri is diplomatic but will not tolerate rudeness or aggression. He wears spectacles most of the time. While not particularly materialistic, Dmitri is a gambler, and may take risks that seem outlandish in the pursuit of knowledge, especially wizardly lore. He has been Baron of this domain for the last 35 years, since he retired from active adventuring. He is married to Lady Reynilda Morningfall.


Lady Reynilda Morningfall, Baroness of Greenlake - 31 yr old human female wizard (L6). She has very long red-gold hair and brown eyes, and a milky-pale complexion. She has a long, narrow face. She is chaotic good, and a devout worshipper of St. Erudan of Talaia. Lady Reynilda is placid, even-tempered, and shrewd; she is Dmitri's most trusted advisor and will very often make remarks that cause him to change his opinion on issues of who to trust or believe. She frequently dresses in trousers and tunics rather than traditional women's garb, is slender and athletic, though her shoulders are rounded from spending hours at her desk, studying. She gets along well with both her husband's officers. 


Dmitri and Reynilda have no children, and after almost ten years of marriage, don't really expect this to change. Dmitri has no immediate heir, but Reynilda has nieces and nephews who visit often, and it is expected that one of them will inherit, though no public announcement has been made.


Sir Torrence Lundream: 34 year old half-elf knight of St. Ilyria - it is generally understood that Sir Torrence had a falling out with his knightly order, and left Greenvale for that reason, but he still worships his Lady. He has short, black hair and green eyes, and is clean-shaven. His skin is golden. He's 5'10" tall and slender. Sir Torrence is Neutral Good. He's not very empathetic, but very honorable and always keeps his word. He has a pet mouse named Jack. Sir Torrence and Master John have a decent working relationship, but not much friendship. Sir Torrence is engaged to marry Falina -a half-elven daughter of a minor landed knight living near Marble Falls in Greenvale. Sir Torrence is also responsible for the foresters who work around the barony, preventing poaching and illegal logging activity. He has about 40 of these men scattered across the Barony - they report to the aldermen of the various villages, first, but also to him, and he is the one who hires them and gives them their orders.


Master John de Bolbec: 41 yrs old, long reddish-brown hair worn in a single braid, and brown eyes. Smooth, medium brown skin, with a moustache. He wears a longish braided beard. His face is square. He is missing his left leg from just below the knee. He is 5'5" tall and has a muscular build. He's lawful good, and worships Kehret and Mikol. He always has a backup plan. Being partly deaf, he speaks loudly. He's a bit of a romantic, and believes that someday he will find his soulmate. He's nearsighted, and wears spectacles when he reads. Master John is also the Barony's taxman - he receives the reports of all the village Aldermen, assesses the taxes, and sends his six tax collectors out each month to bring back the Baron's share of income.


Fari Hardhelm (Erthzin Clan) is a 60 year old dwarf fighter. He has very long braided brown hair and beard, and brown eyes, with dark brown skin. He is 4'3" tall and stoutly built. For a dwarf, he's fairly handsome. He worships Haldar, the dwarf god, and Kehret. He's an even-tempered, good-aligned man who judges others by their actions, not their words. He and Sir Torrence get along well, but he finds the other man a bit cold at times. He respects Master John, but doesn't often work directly with him, so they are not close. Fari's only real flaw is that he is easily insulted by references to his height (he's short for a dwarf). Fari is responsible for keeping the roads clear of bandits, seeing that Master John's tax collectors operate in safety, and backs up Sir Torrence's Foresters if they have trouble with poachers or illicit logging.




Baker (2)  Butcher (2)  Furrier (6)  Roofer (1)  Tanner (3)  Barber (3) 
Carpenter (1)  Glover (1)  Maidservant (2)  Rope maker (1)  Tavern (3)  Chandlers (2) 
Harnessmaker (2)  Mason (2)  Rugmaker (1)  Beerseller (2)  General Store (1) Mercer (1) 
Saddler (1)  Weaver (1)  Blacksmith (1)  Cooper (1)  Ragman (2)  Leatherworker (1) 
Wineseller (1)  Copyist (1)  Bookseller (1)  Woodcarver (1)  Woodcarver (1)  Inn (1) 
Cutler (1)  Woodseller (1)  Spice Merchant (1)  Weaponsmiths (1) Fishmonger (3)  Tailor (3) 

There are about 300 people in farm families, about 300 in fishing families, and the rest are involved in woodcutting, general labor, or hunting. About 2/3 of the population are human; the rest are half-elven, hobbyt or dwarf. 


There are two temples in Laketower - one to All Gods, which has a priestess, and a second, more of a shrine, to Talaia, which Lady Reynilda and her maid (Blythe) care for on a weekly basis. Several of Dmitri's apprentices also visit it regularly, and a number of the townsfolk, as well. The Shrine is small, but well-cared-for, and while it is only three rooms, it sees considerable foot-traffic on a day-to-day basis.


The Temple of All Gods is the largest building in town, barring Dmitri's tower. It is two stories tall, and has both a large open main hall, and several smaller rooms on each floor. It is commonly used for holidays, weddings, funerals, and other celebrations, also as a place to gather in emergencies. A grove of trees, an herb garden, the graveyard, and several small outbuildings complete the temple grounds. There are four people who live and work at the temple: 


Sister Angmar Commonbrook is the Priestess at the Temple of All-Gods, a moderately small temple with shrines to Mikol, Elanora, Kehret and Safreth. She's a small, plump woman with brown braids and grey eyes. She is 44 years old, and half-elven. She wears robes of blue, green, white and red, and wears a chain with tokens to all four gods. In truth, Sister Angmar is not particularly devout, and finds her job tedious. She is bored by caring for the community, and longs to go on an adventure of her own, but she cares for her elderly mother (Halda), so she's not able to follow her heart. Her only pleasure is the herb garden, which she has refined into a formal pleasure garden with walking paths, fish ponds and other features. The two of them live in a cottage on the Temple grounds.


Brother Selwyn: Sister Angmar's assistant, he is specifically devoted to Safreth, the forest god. He's an unworldly fellow who spends most of his time caring for the small grove of sacred trees out behind the temple. He also assists Sister Angmar in the herb garden.  However, he means well, and does his best to conduct services and maintain the temple grounds. He lives in a back room of the Temple. 


Brother Kenward: an elderly, semi-retired priest, he is partly here because his odd lapses in memory and sometimes random utterances have landed him in trouble in larger, more formal temples. Kenward is a generalist, but he conducts all the funeral services, and rites to Aragh that are required at any temple. He's shunned by some of the townsfolk because of this, though he's actually quite good at offering comfort to the grieving. He lives in a shed attached to the graveyard beside the temple. As is the norm in Greenvale, the graveyard has an iron fence, and there are windchimes and bells hanging along it, which are traditionally believed to prevent the dead from rising.


Woodmen's Hall: not quite a guildhall, the men and women who work daily within the Anhieldfast Forest gather here. Rare wood is collected and aged in the shed attached to the hall, and extensive records are kept of the hunting and logging rights that the Baron permits on his lands. Gytha Yoxalle is the records-keeper here; she knows everyone who works the forest by name, and knows what they do, where they do it, and how well they succeed.




1. General Store (Dry Goods): This store is supported by the Baron, as it is not typical for a general store to exist in a town this small. The proprietor is Athel Nyne, Female Half-elf Commoner (craftsman), CN. Str 11, Dex 8, Con 8, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 14. Athel is exceptionally beautiful, with silver hair and sharp gray eyes. She wears well-made clothing and several small tools hang from her belt. Athel is impish and ambitious. She sells general equipment such as can be found in the Player's Handbook, not including weapons, armor, animals, alchemical items, transportation, and services. Her prices are generally standard, but there is only a small chance that she has any gear worth more than 10 sp in stock at any given time. 

(Goods and Services list) 


2. Weaponsmiths: A family of "retired adventurers" runs this business. They are half-elven, and they have extended family in Greenvale. Darfin xxx (Tara's character's family name) is the father - he's a weaponsmith of considerable skill, and a ranger by avocation. He brought his family here after marrying Gwynnestri, who is a finesmith. Together, they make masterwork weapons of considerable beauty, which they mostly send back to his family in Greenvale to resell. They're old friends of Dmitri's, and have both a shop here in Laketower and a small manor house near Dmitri's tower on the fringes of town. They're one of the wealthiest families in Laketower. They have two children, a son named Anieren, and a daughter. The son left to go adventuring a couple of years ago, and has been back several times, doing well for himself. Their daughter has just reached an age when she is ready to put the skills her father has taught her to good use.


3. Blacksmith: Britheva Bluesword - this large, slow woman does mostly routine blacksmithing for the locals, but she can repair weapons and armor as needed, or even forge a blade if absolutely necessary. She's not highly skilled, but she gets the job done. Occasionally she lends her equipment to one of the dwarven soldiers, who is a better armorsmith, but not good with ordinary work.


4. Copyist: Thamund Byney, Male Halfling Artist, Neutral. Thamund has white hair and brown eyes. He wears modest garments and silk gloves. Thamund has an animal companion, a hawk named Malia. He's a generally cheerful fellow, though he gets depressed when he talks about how isolated he is from the arts community in Greenvale. He's married and has seven children. Thamund works to copy letters, documents, maps, books and scrolls for the locals. He is a skilled copyist, but he also spends a great deal of his spare time painting business signs, doing simple portrait sketches, and, for his own pleasure, painting landscapes. He loves to paint ruined buildings, and would probably be very happy if anyone were to escort him out to a nearby ruin for a few days of camping and painting. 


5. Bookseller: Heder Arket: Male Human Merchant, Neutral. Heder has a narrow face, with thick silver hair and amber eyes. He wears plain clothing and a yellow cloak. Heder is ambitious and clever. He thinks strategically, and plans everything.


Inn and Taverns:

Laketower has one inn and two taverns. 


Inn: Seven Silvers - a comfortable two-story building with four bedchambers upstairs, and a large taproom downstairs. It also serves as the main town gathering point, around the corner from the Temple of All Gods. The Innkeeper/bartender is Osbert "Silver" Wood; his plain but kind daughter Asina manages the rooms. They live in rooms behind the bar.  The very friendly hobbyt cook named Juniper Brookside spends as much of his time chatting with guests as cooking. His two younger sons (Cedar and Perry) run the stables attached to the Inn. They live in a small house behind the main inn building. 


T1. The Wolf and Wyrm: Run by a half-elf named Swayne and his human wife Edwyna. They run a clean, attractive tavern that caters to the upper-middle class of Laketower. The food, wine, and entertainment are all simple but high-quality, and the service is excellent. Baron Dmitri and his wife dine here on occasion, and other important townsfolk are also likely to be regulars. The Wolf, as it is commonly called, keeps a house musician, and on occasion hires entertainers from Greenvale to put on a show.

T2. The Stunned Goat: this rundown bar has been in Laketower for many years, since before Baron Dmitri arrived. The current owner is a Marchat named Cabysso, and his friend, a half-orc woman named Liuba - she is of the woodsfolk. Cabysso is a very handsome cat, with golden fur and green eyes. Liuba is dark-haired and brown-skinned. They mostly cater to farmers, woodcutters and other laborers, serving cheap beer and local cider. It's a rough but friendly place, with cheap drink and only a little food. Games of chance and rowdy singing are common. 



Laketower is the only community which has an official guard presence; Dmitri has hired 24 dwarven soldiers out of Harothar to protect his community. A patrol (6 dwarves) marches the 27 mile or so distance from Laketower to Briar Glen at least once a week. The other villages are expected to maintain their own defense in the meantime. A second patrol is always at the ready in Laketower. A third patrol is on stand-down, available for call-up at any time, and the fourth group of 6 dwarves is off-duty.


Town Watch Headquarters: Sir Torrence and Farri both have living quarters and offices in this building. There's a bunkhouse for the dwarves, and a small jail cell for any miscreants; usually this is drunken farmers or woodsmen, but once in a while an enterprising pickpocket or bandit finds their way here. 

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