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Dungeon World

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The Village of Northamlet


In a northern-temperate country, about 10 day's travel from the nearest city, on the edge of a rugged wilderness, and not far from a fairly large region of marshland, lies the village of Northamlet. This village has a population of about 85-90 people (about 80% human, the rest halflings). In theory, it is part of a border Barony, but about the only way they ever see the Baron's men is once a year when the Reeve comes to collect the Baron's taxes (mostly paid in kind).  Elves, dwarves and other races are strange visitors, who will be stared at and treated with caution, though not outright unfriendliness, in most circumstances.


1. The Inn - Named? 







10. The Temple - This long, narrow stone building is topped by a large bronze emblem, in the shape of a three-lobed clover leaf. 

Three petals on the clover are Athair (Father), Mahair (Mother) and Leanbh (child).  The "child" also has a name - Seamrog, which means "little" or "young" clover.  


Virtues associated with the "3", they go in order of Father, Mother, child...


Theological virtues: Faith, Love, Hope

Mundane virtues: Abundance, Nurturing, Provisions

Psychosomatic virtues: Satisfaction, Refinement, Wellness 


The four leaf clover is still considered lucky as it symbolizes the "trinity" hugging or embracing the person that found it. So the petals would represent - Respect, Love, Health and Wealth. However, there is a great deal of disagreement as to whether or not this is "spiritual" wealth or more mundane.  Spiritual wealth could manifest as a "wealth" of Respect, Love or Health.  Most chose to hope for the "mundane".


They believe in reincarnation and that each "soul" will be reborn 3 times before they are finally done. When they reach the end of their third life, they ascend to dwell on the mountain peaks, where the gods dwell. 


There is also an evil figure (nameless at this time) - a chaos being, who takes the form of a hare, who seeks out and devours clover, in essence nibbling away at the other gods' power, creating havoc and ill-omens wherever he is seen. 


15. Sherrif's office - the local guard is run by Sherrif Havers, a human man. He has 3 under-sherrifs who help keep the peace in the village and for a few miles around. They're aided by a few rangers who patrol the nearby wildernes and sometimes report to him.

18-19. Hobbyt Hill - these two entrances form the front doors for a collection of hobbyt families. One of the family names is Styles - they make a living farming and are friendly with the local rangers.



History tidbits - this was once an ancient Elvish land, and the elvish rangers still patrol the region. There may be elvish ruins or even an elvish village somewhere within a few days' travel. Around 100 years ago, this region was part of the Count d'Orlon's territory, but he was killed by the Lizard King's horde, and his castle razed.


Current Events - in the last few months, the reclamation of a trade route through the mountains to the northwest of Northamlet, reconnecting to a dwarven kingdom in the north, has brought new traffic and trade down the Highroad some fifteen miles to the west of Northamlet. While this has not directly benefited the village, it has brought a few new strangers into the area, and a bit of new wealth, as well, as travelers spend their money in nearby villages on the Highroad. There is even a rumor that the road through Northamlet, being a slightly more direct route to the newly re-opened pass, may be widened and improved to allow traffic to come this way. No-one in Northamlet is certain if this rumor is true, or would be a truly good thing, if it happened.


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