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Helvenblade Hall:

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Helvenblade Barony

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The estate, numerous villages - most of which are seignuries held of the Baron, and surrounding farmlands form the Barony of Helvenblade. It is a large and prosperous, though lightly settled, Barony.


The village of Falcon's Hollow has a population of about 800 folk, whose day-to-day activities are managed by the Baron's Reeve, the local sherrif, and the "gavel" of the local lumber consortium, which is both the largest local employer (other than farming for the Baron), and owns the sawmill in the village. Between the village and the Manor, which are about 6 miles apart, and to the north, lie rugged, lightly forested hills, known as Lunoire Forest. Scattered all along the edge of the woods are a number of lumber camps. 


The Hall: visited several times a year by the Baron and his family, it is most frequently occupied by a few of his minor kinsfolk and servants. The Reeve and his assistants also live here. Note that the Baron's family support the local orphanage, but the Baron is also collecting taxes from both the village and the lumber consortium, and he doesn't really care how the consortium treats the folk who work for it. 


Other Villages: Barre, Mably, Oublen, Paars - these are all Seignuries, and boast a population of more than 500 people each. Mably is the largest, closest to the Devarin River and Guyonne Earldom to the east. 


Lunoire Forest: This region of thick woods-covered hills is unnaturally dense for the area, but does receive on average a bit more rain from "over the mountains" than some of the surrounding lands. Wolves, kobolds, and other monsters are not uncommon here, and the lumber consortium has only dared to send loggers into the edges of the forest, penetrating no more than a mile or two into the hills. Ten years ago, Helvenblade Barony was nearly over-run by goblins and hobgoblins from the north; the dwarves of Dremovik answered cries for help from the King and the Baron, sending over 200 sturdy dwarvish warriors to the Barony's defense, which ended the goblin incursion in less than a year. However, it was never determined what, if anything, provoked the goblins.


Encounter Tables for the region:


Roll:  Helven Valley Lunoire Forest  On the Road  In the villages  Sember Hills/Epee Mountains 
ruined or burnt out farm  Wyvern (sighting from afar or diving to hunt) Animated Goblet (CKK) Old woman slams door   troll 
fey encounter   Assassin Vine Old soldier traveling alone  Blind old man   nest of poisonous snakes 
worgs  Werewolf or Allip  beggars traveling  Unusual Pet with owner   
  Fey creature - might be injured/dead   hunters/woodsmen/loggers working  Manticore 
  Woodsmen or Hunting Line/snares road work crew  Aggressive Dog(s)  Eagle, giant 
  Wolves  Wolves  Peddlar or Tinker   
8 dead horse, crows  Giant beetles or swarm of spiders    Baron's Men at Arms  Hill Giantess (RKK) 
9 Loggers headed for Hills  Loggers  Farmers/Villagers  Baron's Reeve or his Men  Wild Hippogriffs 
Farmers or Villagers  Foul Tracks or Kobold Encampment  Logging Caravan  Villagers working  Patrol from  
11  Baron's Reeve or his men  

Giant Moorsnake or stirges

Merchant Travelers  Villagers arguing  small mine and village 
12  small isolated farm Badgers or Weasels, giant   Villagers Celebrating  Hippogriff Riders from Feathergale Spire 
13  Baron's men at arms  Razorcrows  Stirges  Traveling Priest   
Bugbears Bandits  Funeral/somber ceremony  Ogres 
15    Glowmold  Adventurers arriving  Children playing  Cockatrice w/statue (RKK) 
16    Kobold Shaman  imp (injured hawk)  loggers fighting/drinking  Tree of Blight side adventure (module) 
17    Hill Giant (drunk) Galloping horseman in noble colors  beggar - crippled logger   
18    Cold Mist/Grigs (RKK)    children ask for help   
19    Advanced Megaraptor Skeleton (RKK)    prostitute approaches   
20 Nixies or Satyrs Hippogriff riders hunting in the air  Bandits holding up a merchant  abandoned/empty house   


CKK - crown of the Kobold King, Paizo adventure D1

RKK - Revenge of the Kobold King, Paizo adventure D1.5

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