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On this page I will place links to files and images the players of my microlite game may wish to refer to.


Blank M20 Character Sheet:


NPC's of the Guild:

Lady Deora of the House of Ivorr - a no-nonsense but friendly middle-aged woman with greying hair worn in braids around her head. She dresses simply but elegantly. She's a wizard and a scholar. She owns the House of Ivorr and is the Headlady of the Adventurers' Guild.


Her grandson, Ivorr Eaglebeak - a young but plainly competent man, he appears to be half-elvish. He is her assistant and heir. He is also a master alchemist, and is in charge of supplying the needs of any and all groups with potions and other small magics needed to complete their contracts. On his introduction, Ivorr bows politely and smiles at the group in a friendly, open way.

Oslain the Red - a tall, slim human man, who looks very fit and athletic. He is the weaponsmaster of the guild, responsible for the martial training of all interested guild members, and also responsible for supplying all martial equipment. He will supply armor, weapons, shields, etc... on request and as needed for the fulfillment of any contract. He cannot supply magic on demand, but may be able to produce some items given enough time to acquire them. Oslain looks slightly scornful as he scans the group before him, but nods his head in greeting.

Sillah of Auldfort - a short, plump human woman with a mop of grey and brown hair, she has ink-stains on her fingers. The guild librarian and cartographer, she is responsible for answering research questions, and supplying access to needed information. She is also keeper of the guild spell research; scrolls are one of her specialties. She bounces to her feet in a lively way, nods and smiles at everyone, and seems genuinely happy to be here.

Dervallan - an elf, taller than Oslain, he is also very thin, and looks very old. He wears the robes of Kehret, the father-sun god. He is the guild healer, who will provide curing and mending and restoring to all guild members. He seems abstracted and uninterested in his surroundings. When introduced, he stands abruptly, bows once without looking at anyone, and sits down again. 

Adella Traveller (this name may make some of you curious - it means that she is a Shalani; a member of the gypsy-like wanderers and airship-masters) is in charge of the dormitories and living expenses. She will assign rooms, assess expenditures and reimburse expenses.

Guild Contract:


I, the undersigned, do hereby agree that as a Charter Member of the Adventurer's Guild of the House of Ivorr, I shall abide by the following statements:

I shall never knowingly perform an act that is illegal or dishonorable by the laws and traditions of the Realm of Greenvale, in which the House of Ivorr is founded. Violation of said laws and customs shall be prosecutable by Greenvale's lawful authority, with the assistance of the Guild.

I shall, as a representative of the Guild, strive to uphold and honor the laws of Greenvale, and to present the Adventurer's Guild always with the best of character and action.

I shall, to the best of my ability, strive to fulfill, in both word and deed, any and every assignment given to me and agreed to by myself and my adventuring companions by a duly authorized Guild Master or Mistress of the House of Ivorr Adventurer's Guild. Failure to fulfill such a contract shall be grounds for fine by, demotion within or ejection from the Guild.

I shall be bound to report on the failings of any Guild Member under my supervision or within my Adventuring Company. Failure to report actions which violate the Guild's charter shall render me equally responsible for their violation with the original offender.

In return, the Guild of Adventurers of the House of Ivorr shall be responsible to me in the following manner:

The House of Ivorr shall supply to me legal contracts for lawful business in the Adventuring Trade. The House shall negotiate all payments and guarantee them to me. The House shall cover all justifiable expenses up to but not including those life-restoring rituals which some members of a Temple or Clergy may perform.

The House of Ivorr shall provide legal coverage for all acts performed by me in the pursuance of a Contract negotiated by the House. This shall include legal representation in any and all Courts as may prove necessary, for any member of a duly authorized ADventuring Company.

The House of Ivorr shall provide a safe and adequate resource for disposing of items collected in the act of fulfilling any Contract approved by said House or Guild. Such safe and adequate resources shall include purchase of items of power, or items of monetary value which are legally obtained.

The House of Ivorr and the Adventurer's Guild thus established by them shall provide all healing, curing and restoration necessary to all members, short of returning souls who have traveled beyond their mortal bodies. All reasonable living expenses, to include adequate food, shelter and treatment, shall be made available to all Members, Retired Members and Adventuring Company fellows. Reasonability of such food, shelter and treatment shall be determined by the Guild.



Map and description of the City of Marig can be found on this page: Marig

Guild Hall Map:

The First Job:

Whitethorn Manor is the name of Lord Morrick's home. It is located in a row of similar manors on the northeast side of Marig. Each manor is surrounded by a grassy courtyard and a stone wall. There is only one gateway into the courtyard.

Inside the courtyard are a stable (back left of the house), sheds (front right) and a walled garden (back right). The house is two stories high, and has a pair of octagonal towers that are one story higher, located on the front left and rear right.

Whitethorn Manor is guarded by at least a half-dozen large guard dogs, and Lord Morrick has a small contingent of personal guards, perhaps as many as 6-8 in number.


On the ground floor, the manor is known to consist of a long central hall, an octagonal chamber at the base of the tower, and a pair of stairs going up to a balcony above. A waiting room, a parlor, the Lord's study, Dining room, and Kitchen are known to be located on the lower floor.

Near the manor, outside the wall:

Across the wide street are a number of smaller residences, a wineshop and a few businesses owned by local craftsmen. None are significant in size or wealth.

All the residences are connected to the sewers, and there is a main sewer entrance in the rear courtyard behind the wineshop.

All the manor houses along the row where Whitethorn Manor is located are also connected to the sewers, and have running water, as well.


Non-Guild NPCs:

Matilda - wife of the owner of the Traveling Warrior Tavern. A nice, friendly woman who gossips about all the neighbors a little too much...

Agnar - the thin, nervous owner of the Mermaid and Trident Tavern. He has a gambling problem, may be in debt to the Theives Guild, and is meeting a mysterious woman named Helga - you think!

Ruthak - a dwarf adventurer. Rude and maybe a drunk.

Ferdie - a halfling rogue adventurer. Wandering hands and eye.

Unknown woman - half-elf wizard type with long braids. Seems nicer than her companions.

Unknown man - human priest of Kehret. Nothing is known about him...

Master Lodwynne - secretary to Lord Morrick. Seems intelligent but may be easy to fool? Believed Trogdor's locksmith story.

Eadric - brother of the dead servant girl. Hates Lord Morrick and would do anything to discredit him. Gives PCs name of the cook at Whitethorn Manor (Marte)


Events so Far:

Many adventurers in Marig and the surrounding region received invitations to attend the first, opening meeting of the Adventurer's Guild of Marig. Upon arrival, they were introduced to the guild officers, and were divided into adventuring teams, according to their skills and personalities. One such group consisted of the following members:

Kirs - an elf rogue who has been employed by the House of Ivorr in the past - she's the nominal leader of the group.

Clamitans - a frogman wizard - he briefly objects to Kirs' leadership, but eventually decides she's not so bad after all.

Jin - an elf wizard with a leaning towards illusions and deceptions - he seems quite nervous and twitchy.

Trogdor - a gnome fighter. Small but sturdy, and seems to have a familiarity with locks and traps, as well.

Mynervah - a human wizard, quiet but competent.


They eventually all sign guild contracts (there was another member briefly placed in their group, but he seemed to refuse to sign the contract, and has not been seen since; a halfling cleric...), and are given details of the first mission, as shown above. The PCs job is as follows:

Lately the Greenvale Navy has had serious trouble defending merchants from piracy. The pirates seem to know exactly when and where merchant ships will be, and which ones have Navy escorts. They've even begun to act as if they know where ships on patrol will be. Even smuggling is on the increase as they are now able to sneak past the patrol ships too easily.

There are only a few people who could be giving, selling or otherwise providing the information to the pirates; one of them is Lord Morrick, a vice admiral of the Navy. He is a known gambler, and has sometimes plunged deeply into debt. Recently, he paid off almost all his debts (he claimed the money came from an adventuring band he sponsored!) in a suspiciously large lump of cash.

The job you are assigned is to spy on Lord Morrick; find out if he has an adventuring band in his employ; discover where his funds came from if not there; even get into his home and see if there are any incriminating documents linking him to the pirates; and, discover whether he has any other ties to crime or the criminal world.

You have two weeks in which to find and compile any evidence (positive or negative) and present it to Lady Deora. If you are caught while doing anything illegal (such as burglary), the guild will deny all connection to you; however, Lady Deora promises that they would do their best to see any such charges quietly dropped by her government connection (unless, of course, there was an act such as murder involved).

You will be paid 1,200 silver pennies, as a group, for this two weeks of investigation.


The party decides to approach their mission on several fronts:

1) that several of you go hang out at the Mermaid and Trident and listen to gossip.

2) explore the sewers to see if there's a way in to the house.

3) find another way/place to spy on the house

4) one or more of you pretend to be peddlers and get onto the property for a visit.


So, Kirs and Clamitans - bickering all the way - decide to check out the sewers. Kirs waits outside as Clamitans descends. Clami has one brief encounter with a dire rat, but chases it away with ease. He gets to the spot where the sewers pass under the house, but can find no convenient entrance. The best he can find is a service grate between Whitethorn manor and the next door property, in an alley between the estate walls. He returns safely to Kirs and reports his findings (with a brief stop for a bath, first).


In the meantime, Kirs goes around front to the wineshop - the Traveling Warrior. There she meets the wife of the owner, and discovers that there is an adventuring group which enters the houe fairly often. They're rude louts, and the wife, Matilda dislikes them considerably (the dwarf is named Ruthak, and the hobyt Ferdie). She also learns that one neighbor is away right now, and that a maid (Alene) at Whitethorn manor was attacked and killed by the guard dogs. Her family was paid off for it; one of them (her brother Eadryk) works at Tym the leatherworker's business.


Jin and Mynervah head for the Mermaid and Trident Tavern - it is about four blocks away - rumor has it that the Tavernkeeper owes the thieves guild a lot of money, so maybe you can discover something here. Two things of interest happen here; Jin overhears a merchant customer tell the Tavernkeeper that "Helga" will meet him at dusk "in the usual place" and to "bring the box". Jin decides to follow the Tavernkeeper and discover more about this... meanwhile, four adventurers arrive at the tavern, and buy lunch, putting it on Lord Morrick's tab! Mynervah eventually decides to follow one of them - a half elf wizardly type woman. She follows her as far as a shop called Paegar's Books - the woman is sitting in the back room with the owner, while a clerk waits on Myn out front.


Trogdor goes directly to Whitethorn manor and attempts to gain entry to the property by claiming to be a locksmith capable of upgrading the manor's current locks to a higher quality; he mentions the "rash of burglaries" in the area recently! To his amazement, he manages to get into the estate, is shown around the main floor, examines some locks, and is given permission to return in a few days with a sample lock to demonstrate to the Manor's majordomo, Master Lodwynne". He reports back to Kirs and Clamitans, and then decides to try his locksmithing trick at the empty estate next door; maybe he can get some info there!


Jin follows the Tavernkeeper (Agnar) across town as he does business buying supplies for his tavern, and eventually ends up at a place called the Black Pearl. This gambling hall/tavern/inn serves quite a wide clientele, and gambling seems to be the main entertainment. Agnar loses a bit of money for a while, but then goes off in the company of a beautiful but dangerous looking half-elf courtesan named Aelfwynne. He cannot determine if this is "Helga" or not.


After leaving the wine shop, Clamitans and Kirs go to the leatherworking shop. There they meet Eadric, the brother of the dog-mauled girl. They learn from him that a cook who was Alene's friend still works in the house. She saw the dog-mauling, but could not rescue her. Possibly she would be friendly to the party...


Trogdor is now standing outside the neighboring estate, eyeing the bell-pull and wondering if there are any servants still living on the property. All he can see are goats...

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