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Vishteer Campaign World




My Campaign world has grown over the past 30+ years from a few scratched out maps on hex paper to more piles of notes in more notebooks than I want to think about. I'm posting a few of the pages here and will add more as time and my interest permit. Feel free to use this material for any non-profit use you may have.



Vishteer uses the real world as geography. Here is a start on describing some of the regions of Miraborian Geography.


Note that this also includes a description of the "Lands in Shadow" beneath Vishteer.


A history of the campaign world can be found here: Vishteer History

Some musings and ideas on a variety of issues such as gods, disease, magic, the planes and more can be found here Musings


Campaign Centers:

I currently have four "Campaign Centers", three located on the east coast of Miraboria, and one further inland.



  • Harothar is a dwarven and human kingdom in the north-temperate regions, barely touching the rocky, storm-tossed coast and stretching many miles inland to a long narrow lake. Flanking it on the north is a region infamous for vicious hordes of orcs, hobgoblins and other evil demi-humans. To the south lies the mysterious and extremely dangerous blasted landscape of Umade's Barrens, created hundreds of years earlier in an attempt to destroy the world.



  • GreenVale lies on the central coastal region across a large bay and stretching far inland up several major river valleys. This human and half-elven land is rich with resources and thriving economically. However, political stability eludes it as the many Counts, Barons and Knights chafe at the restrictions placed on them by their Prince. And the empty lands to the west and north draw many explorers and settlers out, seeking their fortunes in dangerous places.



     Game Notes: Page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4

Near Greenvale:

Barony of Pintar's Keep

Castle Naerytar

Temple of Aragh *hidden

                    campaign notes, Notes 2 Notes 3
          Ruined City of Adelf
  • Miran occupies a narrow peninsula in the south-eastern coastal region of Miraboria, and along both the Gulf and the Ocean. Miran is a fragment of an ancient empire clinging to past glory. A theocratic Autocracy, Miran's leadership is supposedly made up of a ruler and a senate, but the priesthood has long since taken true power. Magic is forbidden on pain of death, and slavery awaits any who attempt to defy the mighty god Centarius - god of merchants and wealth, of promises made and broken, of honesty and theivery, greed and generosity.



Escruag (ruined City of Colors)




Miraboria as a whole:

More information about these and other population centers (and a sketchy MAP) can be found under MiraborianPolitics

Other Odds and Ends of information: MiraborianCoinage




Other Places in Miraboria

Umade's Barrens

Orcish Lands



The West Coast of the Miraborian continent


     Devarin River Valley

          Helvenblade Barony

          Falcon's Hollow

     Narbada Campaign Notes


Continents beyond Miraboria

Mistland and the Southern Isles

Island of the City-States

The "Old Continent"


Religion and the Gods


Legends and Myths of the campaign world can be found here: LegendsMyths



Rules of the Game


5E rules (not in current use)

Character Background for Greenvale based characters

Birth Location Tables for Greenvale based characters

Classes - 5E

Races - 5E


3.5E Rules:

Creating Characters - start here! includes 3.5 e races in use for current campaign 4/20/21 


Backgrounds: every character must have a background. Includes link to social status and familial info as well. 


Prestige Classes completely optional classes that can be taken as a character levels up

My Equipment List - with prices in Silver! Includes a LOT more than in the PH


Rules that are not currently in use: 

Feats (for E6 only)

E6 Modifications to the rules below (not in use for the Narbada Campaign)

Races (3.5e - optional rule with class levels/not in current use)


Other Adventures and Campaigns

Solo Game


Play By Post

Tods Game World  where Tara and I will play...

M20 Game (for Tara, Tod, Nate, Robert, Alisha, Jesse, Naomi and Paul. Ended)

Dungeon World (for Tod, Tara, Anita and David)



My Ptolus campaign has ended, but I am leaving it up for others to enjoy


Buried City

Other Adventures

Necromancer's House

The List


Mystery Island

a new campaign setting for Tod and me to share; for 4e

Rule of the Wizards

a campaign setting in which wizard-dominated cities battle for control of a small continent.


Radotha: A Short Campaign 


Castle Whiterock


Flat World


Shattered Worlds

Test Page


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