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Calendar of the World of Vishteer


Holy Days for Mistland, Miraboria and Narbada


Month Day Event Historic Holiday 
Deepcold 7th Safreth  
(January) 9th St. Crotofiros  
  16th Centarius  
  21st Mikol (Needfire)  
  31st Kehret, Aragh  
Sleeping 4 Midwinter Day - Mikol and Aragh  
  13 Nelora  
  28 Beara  
Thawing 14 St Ilyria  
  15 St. Ellemarha  
  20 1st day of spring - Tuilindo  
    Holy week begins  
  25 Diorel  
  26 Mikol  
  27 Kehret  
  28 Safreth  
  29 Centarius  
  30 Sithlar  
  31 Aragh  
Warming 1 Nelora  
(April) 11 St. Vargarus  
  1st full bloodmoon of Warming Mirinha  
Plowing 1 Mikarathlan  
  5   Swagfest (Freeport)
  18 St. Oceana  
Planting 2 Safreth  
  2nd Sithlarsday of the month Sithlar (begins the seven day celebration in Greenvale known as Sithlar's Wedding)
  20 1st day summer - St. Andora  
Growing 23 Timothus  
  25 Nuthiar  
  1st full bloodmoon Kehret  
Longsun 4 Midsummer day - first of a three day summer festival; Mikol (and Mikar) are honored. Commonly a market fair is held.  
August 5 second day of Summerfest; Nelora and Diorel  
  6 third day of Summerfest; Centarius and Aragh  
  8 St. Richard  
  17 Ontokoth  
  29 Centarius  
Harvest 5 St. Hathos  
  7 Nelora  
  9 Khutaba  
  11 St. Hranulf  
  20 1st day of Autumn - Haldar and Mikar  
  1st new bloodmoon after Autumn Diorel  
Plenty 3 St. Xavier  
(October) 27 Talaia  
  1st new bloodmoon of Plenty St. Drethus  
Storing 1 Catashli Raidfest (Freeport)
  15 St. Morgala  
  30 Aragh  
  1st full bloodmoon of Storing Mikol  
Sun-waning 2 St Throgar  
  4 Sithlar  
  16 St. Stephen  
  20 1st day of Winter - Anethisba Captain's Day (Freeport)



Calendar in Word for yr 2632 http://vishteercampaign.pbwiki.com/f/Calendar%20of%20yr%202632.doc (unfinished)


Vishteer’s moons


There are two moons which circle Vishteer and are visible above Miraboria, Mistland and Narbada.


The larger, Red Moon (called the Bloodmoon or Mikar’s Chariot) waxes and wanes on a 28 day cycle. It has a reddish coloration and a smooth dull surface. When it is low on the horizon it can appear blood-red. It has an evil reputation, and things done under the full light of this moon are considered unlucky, or doomed to fail ultimately. Note that while the moon itself appears reddish, the moonlight it gives is quite similar to that produced by Sithlar's Boat and contains very little reddish tint.


The second moon is much smaller. It waxes and wanes on an 11 day cycle and circles the sky more rapidly (it takes exactly 24 hours, thus this moon always rises at 10 pm and sets at 10 am over Greenvale). It is called the Silver Moon, or Sithlar’s Boat. This moon is Vishteer’s timekeeper. When people speak of doing something before or after moonrise or moonset, it is this moon of which they are speaking, almost never the Bloodmoon.


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