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Page history last edited by Gillian 14 years, 6 months ago

These broadsheets are based off ones I originally found on Delver's Square. Some text from the first several issues comes from broadsheets posted there. I want to give Archonshiva full credit - go there and take a look, please!


First Issue.doc - Aizawa Arms ad, Sisters of silence story

Issue 2.doc - shark attacks, ratmen bounty, hero's feast and lecture, gossip.

Issue 3.doc

Issue 4.doc

Issue 5.doc

Issue 6.doc

Issue 7.doc

Issue 8.doc

Issue 9.doc 

Issue 10.doc


I've also written a few of my own adventures. Here they are: 

The Copper Pool is a low-level adventure perfect for the rogue or other character fascinated by technology.

Copper Pool.rtf


Buried City - the beginnings of an adventure - more to be done later -


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